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Troail is not your traditional job board. Our model revolves around referrals and sign-up bonus where traditional job boards failed to address.

We don't rely on heavy marketing since we only rely on visitors, headhunters and freelance recruiters who needs a platform to engage visitors by sharing the job ad to their social media network. 

How it works for visitors and other job seekers?

  1. Employer post job ad stating the referral fees
  2. Visitors share the job ad to their social network
  3. Visitors then upload the resume of the applicant to the job ad to get the referal fees

Giving out of referrals fees is dependent with the employers existing aggreement. Employers are then encouraged to include specific clauses or policy on how and when they can get their referral fees.

The job board has also a simplified applicant tracking system wherein you can add some comments and feedback about the applicant. 

Post a Job is the best place to post your jobs and get referrals from the crowd.

How it works?

1. Employer Post Jobs

2. Visitors refer friends

3. Chose among the candidates